how do i deny an application access to a particular folder?

Like the topic says. I’m trying to prevent the Microsoft Zune software from accessing folders H:\pictures and H:\videos. I added these folders to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → zune.exe → Access Rights → Protected Files/Folders → Blocked Files/Folders list. But for some reason it’s not working. Zune keeps adding files in these folders to my collection. Also Process Monitor shows a whole bunch of successful Create/Read attempts.

There is no “*” after the folder names. ie. i added “H:\pictures” to the list and not “H:\pictures*”.

i did a similar thing with WMP12 for two other folders (f:\videos f:\pictures) and succeeded. Comodo was able to block read attempts to the folders. but the same method is not working with Zune. ???

Please help. :-\

edit: i also tried to block Zune’s access to a registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Zune\Groveler. That didn’t work too as Process Monitor logged successful open/read attempts from Zune.

Help. :-\

anyone? :-
it’s like Comodo is being bypassed. but don’t know how ???