How do I delete the 'Remember My Answer' save data?

How do I reset the ‘Remember My Answer’ save data to the beginning state?

In particular I want to reset(delete) the incoming IP/port block data that stored in memory or disk.

How do I delete it?

Please answer me.

Anything you’ve defined in the firewall will be in the Firewall → Network Security Policy. Depending on what you’ve blocked, look in Application Rules or Blocked Zones.

Thanks for your answer.

but I think your answer seems to be unsuitable for my situation.
Actually I was blocked some IPs, it was inbound access to a specific application.
After a few hours, I tried unblock the blocked IPs.
So I looked for the blocked IP where it is. But it was nowhere.
I could not find it anywhere. It was not there(Application Rules and Blocked Zones).
I could not understand why it is nowhere.
So I wrote a question here.

Please answer one more time. Thank you.

P.S. : The IPs tried access to an application, It’s BitTorrent.

You’re saying you don’t see BitTorrent in your Application Rules?

Both of them. yes, that is right.

  1. I could not found ‘BitTorrent’ client application item on the application list. I can’t see that.
    but, ‘uTorrent’ item is there.
    Anyway, i do not know what the difference between the two, there was one(uTorrent item),
    but the other one(BitTorrent item) was not there.

  2. Does CFW has the function to display blocked IP list by any chance?
    I could not see the blocked(I did it) IPs list.

Anything you’ve allowed or denied from an alert will modify the Application Rules.

If the only torrent application you have a rule for is uTorrent, that must be the one. What do the rules for uTorrent say?