How do I create dump a file for CCE.exe processes with KillSwitch/Task manager

G’day all,

I’ve received an email from Haibo Zhang this person coming from Comodo to help me with the CCE scans too long problem, could someone tell me HOW do I create a dump file for CCE.exe processes with KillSwitch/Task manager I never done this before.

Thank you.

Run a scan with cce, when you notice it taking a long time open killswitch and right click on cce.exe and click create dump. I usually create a full dump because its most useful for debugging. The file it creates are pretty large so compress it with an archiving software (ie 7zip) this will greatly reduce the size.

open killswitch
right click on the process in question
click on “mini dump” or “full dump”
When it ask to save it. I would recommend the desktop so it would be easy to find. It’ll end in .dmp I would recommend zipping the file before uploading it here. .zip or .rar

also explain the issue helps of course

Thanks for the simple magic trick wasgij6 now I’m going to run the CCE fingers cross

Quick question IF CCE scan take to long do I create the dump while CCE is scanning when I have the KillSwitch/Task manager at the same time am I understanding this correctly ??? :o

Thank you

you should be able to, there my be a long paused because cce is hanging

Understood :wink:

I’m waiting for a reply email from Haibo Zhang as I’ve zip up the full dump file it’s 130mb, however I cannot email it why is to big does Comodo have a FTP server to allow me to deliver the dump file as I’m still having the same issue with CCE slow down scanning problem :-[

upload it to or dropbox and send him the link to the download.

Thanks for the tip wasgij6 and how safe is Dropbox if you don’t mind me asking

iv never had any problems so im not to sure

Understood I really appreciate you’re help thank you as I’ve never heard of Dropbox so I’m going to upload the file for Haibo as request otherwise CCE will never solve my issue :wink: