how do i create a new configuration

I know i can create an empty cfgx file somewhere and import it, but why is there no way to create new ?

these are the choices


usually i mention the buid version in a post, but i have not found a "about"section,
is there one ?

Hi and welcome bobby6,
An empty configuration file would have no settings which would result in a fail, see screenshot.
Export one of the preset configurations, then import it giving it your desired name and then set your configuration preferences.
Remembering that the imported profile will need to be activated to come into use.

For ‘About’, click on the question mark in the top right corner of the main GUI.

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I used 5.10 and thought it had a bug: still being active while a particular config was disabled.
I had problems connecting a logitech media server, so i created a empty config file, imported, and added some rules.
The problem was not solved at this stage ( it is now) but i upgraded to cis 6.0, see how it goes.

version 6.0.264710.2708