How do I configure Comodo for Remote Desktop? [Resolved]

I have searched for other posts regarding configuring Comodo for Remote Desktop, but what i found went on to talk about VNC.
I use Remote Desktop to access my home PC from work, but since installing Comodo Firewall i can’t even though i’ve opened up port 3389 and added mstsc.exe to the application list.
Can anyone give me a step by step straight forward idiots guide on how to allow Remote Desktop to access my home PC?
Other than that i’m very impressed with the software so far.

I am assuming that you had it working correctly before you installed the firewall.

Bring up the Comodo firewall and click on “Activity” then “Logs”.

Try to connect using Remote Desktop and see if something is being blocked in the log. There should be an Orange ball on the left side of the log for something getting blocked.

If you find something being blocked then click on that line and go down to the bottom window on the same page and either take a screenshot of that window or give the exact text in that window and post it back here and someone will help you to write the necessary rules.


Thanks for your help. Last night i had some time to have a play with the settings as i needed to get Azureus working properly too. I followed another thread regarding bitcommet as this also worked for someone else using Azureus.
Once Azureus gave me green lights i used the same method for Remote Desktop.
Under Network Monitor I added TCP IN from Any - Destination IP (My IP Address) - Source Port Any - Destination Port 3389.
I did the same for UDP.
I then went to Application Monitor and added C:\WINDOWS\system32\mstsc.exe to both Application / Parent Application fields. Under the general tab Allow TCP IN - Destination IP (My IP) - Destination Port 3389 - Left all Misc unticked. I did the same for UDP.
I came in to work this morning and i can use Remote Desktop to access my PC at home. Only issue i have is have i done it right? Have i opened up too much?

It looks ok.
The network monitor rule is the most important to get it to work, and for safety.

You have set the destination to your IP, so I assume that you have a static IP?
If you have a dynamic IP, you have to change it every time you get a new IP. You can set it to “any” in that case, or “zone” if you have set up a trusted network.

I don’t have a static IP but i have an always on cable connection and i’ve never known my IP to change as yet.
Is it any less secure setting it to Any?

A little maybe…???
You can keep it at your IP, because now you will know why it doesn’t work… :wink:
If you get a new IP, just change it in the rule.

Thanks for your help (:WIN)