How do I configure CFP for maximum security?

Hello everyone,

Are there any tutorials for configuring CFP for maximum security? I have already opened ports and followed the guide for uTorrent. Now, I want to configure it for max security. What I mean by max is high end security to prevent inbound and outbound security. Thank you for any replies with tutorials.

Put the firewall in custom mode and D+ in Paranoid mode.

Thank you. I just did that. Are there any settings/options I should change?

Nope but get prepared for a lot of pop ups. I always used the firewall and D+ in Safe Mode.

Then, why did you tell me to switch, Firewall to Custom, and D+ to paranoid?

Caused you ask whats the best setting for maximum protection so i told you. But with any program if its on max then you will get bombarded with pop ups and alerts. You need to weight it out for yourself. Safe mode is just fine.