How do I configure CAVL to scan incoming/outgoing email

RE: Linux Ubuntu 12.04
Thunderbird 17.0.5
CAVL v1.1

I just installed CAVL :-TU. How do I configure CAVL to scan incoming and outgoing emails? ??? I use Thunderbird as my email client. I do not run any server(s). Good to see that there is now a “real time” AV scanning for Linux! :wink:

:frowning: To any moderator … why is it that when someone is asking for a little assistance, no matter how trivial, that complete silence or just plain not responding from those that are supposedly in the know about how a product works is just plain unprofessional and down right rude. Then it is curious to some why potential users are just plain driven away by being ignored. This post has been up since late April and has been viewed by quite a few but no responses. NOT GOOD.

Hi Iwanaknow,

I’m sorry, but we moderators are not “supposedly in the know about how a product works”. Sure, some of us know quite a bit about how various products work, but we are not product support specialists. We are just users like yourself who Comodo has asked to help moderate their support forum. We are not employees of Comodo, and we really aren’t privy to much insider information. Anything we know about a given product is knowledge we’ve gained from our own experience running the program.

Basically what we have been tasked to do, is to keep the forum operating smoothly. If we happen to know the answer to something and can help users out with a problem they may be having, then that’s great, but support isn’t our purpose here.

The support for Comodo’s free products is largely community driven. What this means, is that you can post a question on the forum, and if someone in the community knows the answer, you will get a reply. If however, nobody knows the answer, you will most likely not receive an answer.

I do not use CAVL so I can’t say for sure, but CAV doesn’t scan incoming and outgoing email, so I can only assume CAVL is the same. Any attachments you receive will be scanned when you access them, but the message itself is not scanned.

First … my sincere apologies if I offended anyone. Understand that, as a user of any product, it is extremely annoying that tech assist or whatever is requested and more often than not you either get a “your not smart” response, treating as an idiot or just plain ignored. I sympathize … in some cases … that most questions are very simple and annoying to them. But, someone needs assistance and shouldn’t be pushed aside (swatted at like a fly).

Anyway, let me ask this then. Where can i direct my question at Comodo without having to use this forum?


If you have issues that the Forum can not help with a support ticket may or may not be able to help you further.
Submit a Ticket
Kind regards.

I believe I tried that and got a response of submitting my question in the forum. ??? DOH! Oh well. I’ll try it again.

Have a look here and see if that helps answer the question.

Well … not exactly what I was hoping for. You would think that an AV would be able to scan in/out emails regardless of the operating system. I did submit another ticket yesterday but have not received a response yet. Thanks.

I don’t believe anyone was offended. I just wanted to make sure you understood the capacity that the moderators fill on the forum, as it appeared to me that you felt we were employees of Comodo.

I agree that it would be nice if staff were able to offer more assistance on the forum.

Hi, please tell me the problems you are facing and which MTA are you using this is mine configuration:

Debian 7.1 I386
MTA Postfix
Comodo for Linux version 1.1.268025.1

Be sure that CAV for Linus is working correctly i mean be sure you have installed sqlite and redir install them with synaptic or any other softwarecenter.

Be sure you have run the to fix any problem.

For scanning mails go the configuration SMTP configuration module and be sure you choose for Inner Postfix or Exim as MTA

Try this if you still have problems please come back with as much details you have be aware moderators don t have sometimes any idea how new software works i am not an moderator but i have also facing these problems bu now CAV for Linux is working 100 % and cmdagent is starting up when booting.

So please come back i will try to help you CAV for Linux running.