How do I close BOClean status windows?

Sorry if this has been asked before folks. I couldn’t find the answer easily. :-[

BOClean had done it’s thing in the background and now popped up it’s massive status box:

“913799 Full scan completed. Background scan mode engaged”

How do I get rid of the message? - Where’s the “Close” button or “X” in the top right corner as the user would expect? (:AGY)

While I don’t want to run BOClean completely silently, I wish there was an obvious way to acknowledge its status messages! Thanks.

At the bottom “close this menu” is what i think you may be after.
The screen in the taskbar will be black/flicker blue when an application is started/flicker green every 10secs/go red if malware detected

Hope this helps Matty

Thanks Matty.

Already tried right clicking on the BOclean icon in the Windows system tray to bring up the menu then clicked on the “Close this menu” button though. It closed the program screen (menu window) but left the original “913799 Full scan completed. Background scan mode engaged” status window as is.

Might have to consider this a bug and shutdown the program if no other suggestions are available.

??? full scan? what scan? i’ve never got any scan message from BOC?

Is it the BOclean configuration window if so click finished,if it is the txt window showing covered malware you may have to drag it over a bit as sometimes it goes behind the menu window.

Are you sure about the full scan bit.

Nice 1 Matty

It’s a BOclean window alright (but not the config/menu window). It has “BOC 425” in the title bar of the window. In the window itself it the text “913799 Full scan completed. Background scan mode engaged”.

There are no buttons and no “X” in the title bar to close the window and while I can task switch to it I can’t move the window around (ie, can’t drag it anywhere).

I’ve attached a jpeg of the window - Hopefully you’ll be able to see it. Thanks.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Try opening the menu and unselect the option marked in the attached image.

(Also it’s very strange that even if you want to see the window at start, it doesn’t have any close button and doesn’t go after a while on its own either [I’d bet this is the problem], but try right-clicking on its title bar and selecting “close” if possible, and of course you could also try killing it from the task manager.)

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“Unselect” the option? I would have thought that checking/selecting the option wouldn’t show the status window (If i read it correctly)? In my config I found it selected/checked. I tried unselecting/unchecking and closing the config dialog box a couple of time but the status window stayed put.

Just before I was about to give up and kill the program via Task Manager I tried one more time - the status window finally closed!?!

I don’t know… I think BOClean got it’s knickers in a knot somehow. Still think some strange things occur with this program compared to expected behaviour… Anyway this problem has gone for the time being…

Thank you.