How do i clean this ?

(:KWL)Hi , please can anyone explain me what is this, and how does this happens ?

C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\Quarantine\usb323.exe

Might be atached in a file on my pen drive, that was caring a Picasa3 file !?

Thanks for the attention.
Merry Christmas


I’m guessing you had updated to CIS using the same CFP location? That location refers to the quarantine folder or “Virus Vault” of CIS. Detected items are stored there in a special format where they can’t do any harm and COMODO has denied all access to that folder for safety reasons. It shouldn’t be detected.

Is CIS/CAVS detecting this or another AV? Can you give us a little more information?


If you have a virus or malware in Quarantine Items in Comodo Internet Security, Then some virus/malware scanners might scan these areas and still believe you are infected but your not.