How do I change the schedule of saved jobs?

Am I blind or something? I saved a job with Comodo Backup but now I want to go change the schedule, and I can’t find where you do that? The little faint clock on the bottom of the screen that appears when you first create the job has disappeared for completed jobs and appears nowhere on the edit screen? Is this a bug?

Or is something wrong with my install?


If the backup job saved as custom profile?
If yes, you can’t set a schedule for it. This will be fixed in next release.
If not, you can edit the schedule from Manage TAB.


Emanuel, yes, it’s a custom profile. I am surprised you left off the capability to change the timing. That seems essential to any backup program. Otherwise, it’s a great program and free so I can’t complain much.

Let me use this opportunity to put in a feature request – can you add the ability to shut down the program automatically after a job is done? Right now you can shut down Windows, but I would rather have the ability to shut down the application.

This will be fixed in next release.

We already have this option in schedule page.
You can use different run modes: normal, auto-click finish, close GUI after, silent run and service run.