How do I change startup order?

I have a problem:

My Comodo Security takes way too long to start up, after my wireless NIC has already established its connection to my router.

My understanding is that computers are not attacked in the first 13 seconds after connecting to the internet, and my Comodo Security is taking much longer than that.

I’m trying to get the Comodo Security to come on, much more quickly – preferably even before the network connection is established.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Hi masondixon,

There is no “unprotected time” frame.

The Firewall drivers are loaded early in the boot process.
(the current rules are enforced)
Long before your desktop is fully up and you see the CIS GUI loading.

If you find otherwise to be true. There is a serious problem.


Why would this be the case?

You can confirm comodos firewall protection by pinging from another computer with the following command: ping -w 50 -t
do this while starting the pc and let run unitl you log in and everything is loaded, you should see request timed out flooding the command prompt.