How do I change from AOL to Firefox

After installing the free version of Comodo, it opened AOL. Although I have AOL on my computer, I don’t use it very often.

How do I change the setting so Comodo recognizes & goes to Firefox, not AOL, for updates, etc.

Thank you for a prompt response.

Is Firefox set as your default browser, or is AOL the default but you use Firefox manually?

According to Firefox, it is.

Depending on your Windows version.

Find the screen in the pic. (hopefully speaks a thousand words.)

From your Start menu > Control Panel path is in address bar in pic.

Select the FireFox radio button and then OK.
This will make sure to reset which browser Windows recognizes as your choice of Default.

Hopefully that sorts it.


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OK, I found the set program defaults & changed it to Firefox. Guess I’ll find out if it worked the next time I have to update unless you know how I can check it now…