How do I Change AntiVirus Auto Update to Manual

In some fourth world countries they consider as BROADBAND 64KB and anything approaching what the first world offers costs upwards of $600/M. When working with 64 or even 128KB it is necessary to control software that are or could be bandwith hogs – I do not allow ANY software to automatically update itself. THEREFORE, the ability to determine WHEN the update is to take place (for those of us who are globe-trotters) IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Is there a way to select MANUAL instead of the automatic daily update that hogs bandwith?

On my Windows XP SP3 this feature of COMODO is currently set so that I manually can select when to download updates (that COMODO was added in May when Norton Internet Security registration expired.) BUT on my just acquired laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium (which I hate with a passion) COMODO does not seem to allow antivirus signatures to be set for manual download only. Why? Is COMODO looking to emulate Microsoft policy of knowing better than the user what is good for him? If so please change because no matter what is done it is not possible to account for all possibilities – remember Murphy’s law…

In the AV settings, untick Automatically update before scanning. I think that’s how it’s worded, not sure though. This will prevent the AV from updating unless you specifically ask it to.

Hope this helps,

Beanie :slight_smile:

Does it though? It never used to.

Automatically update before scanning meant just that. Before a scan ran, it would update the virus DB. It would automatically update the DB regardless of what you set this option to. (In regards to the daily updates)

I haven’t tested it after the last two releases though, so maybe it has changed? Nothing in the change log mentioned it though.

There’s an option to Automatically update before scanning in each of the various sections of AV settings (real-time, manual etc). I don’t use the AV myself, but I thought that disabling it under realt-ime settings would prevent automatic updates. ???

It might. I’m just saying it didn’t used to. I haven’t tested it lately.