How do I burn a movie from utorrent?

I love downloading movies from utorrent, but am unable to burn to a dvd. I have nero 8 but it still tells me that the files are unsupported. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What is the file extension.
For example, if it is .avi then you need to convert it first from the AVI format to the DVD format which I believe is MPEG-IV.
I believe Nero 8 has a sub-app called ReCode or something which can convert for you.

No, DVD-video is MPEG-2.

So I’ve added the file into nero recode but the “next” button stays grey and I can’t go any further. Anyone have nero that can walk me through it?

Like Floyd asked, file extension?


yes, it’s avi

I don’t know how Nero works, bu maybe it misses an essential codec? Have you installed codecs like DivX and XviD? To get all those codecs I recommend a package like K-Lite, but I’m not sure it’ll solve the Nero problem. Just a thought.


Well, whenever I download an .avi, I’ll have to encode it to DVD-format. As I use Nero 7, I’m not sure how you do in Nero 8 but for Nero 7… Launch Nero StartSmart, then find Photo and Video and choose Make Your Own DVD-Video. I think it should be pretty much the same in Nero 8?


In Nero 8 I was able to convert an avi fine no problem and burn it. It’s under Nero Vision, but you can get there the same way you explained…Nero Startsmart. Now the problem is I have a movie which say’s type of file: “video clip” and it doesn’t play in Nero, just in Windows media player. So I converted it and burned it and it only works on Media player, on Nero I have sound but no picture and the same on a dvd player unit. So just wondering what type of files do I need to look for when selecting a movie to download???

File extension doesn’t help. AVI ist just a so-called container format. AVI can contain as video part for example DivX, Xvid or even x264 (although this is not fully supported) and as audio for example PCM, MP3.

To find out, what codec is really hidden in your AVI file use ■■■■■. ■■■■■ Codec Information Appliance