How do I block websites

How do I block websites? I have a webpage that comes up every single day at the same time, even if the browser is closed it will open the browser/ Also in plain English please. I have no idea what “set parameters” means and I have no idea where the firewall is. Thank you

you can try to turn “defense +” to "crazy mode”,and pay attention to the alert indicates the web browsers is launched. When such alert show up, it will tell you which process or application launched the web browser, and the process or application is the malware, or at least the clue to the malware.

It sounds like you’re infected with some sort of malware. Please run the following scanners and see if they can get rid of it:
TDSS Killer
Hitman Pro
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Malwarebytes Antimalware
Super Antispyware