How do i block the other computer on my connection? [Resolved]

I do not trust the other computer connected to my router So, I was wondering how could i block it from being able to send files and connect to my PC? I know there is a way in my OS (Windows XP Media Center Edition) Also i cant block the IP of the other computer in my comodo firewall because somehow they keep changing from .101 to .100 etc. Any help would be appreciated :SMLR

You could use the computername(Host Name in the rule) of the other computer and that should work.This would allow the IP address to change and still associate the current IP of that computer to that name.


Thanks jasper i got the hostname blocked and it auto blocked the IP too. I set it to block UDP/TCP Destination : [Any] So Thanks again :BNC

Glad you got it to work correctly Goose17.

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Have a good one.