how do i block specific programmes from accesing internet

can someone run through how i go about blocking specific programmes from accesing the internet
please explain in noob terms i am new too this programme

The easiest way is to open Comodo, and under Network Defense, click the mode that your firewall is set to. I use Custom Policy Mode.

A new windows will pop up. Click the tab that says Alert Settings. Set the Alert Frequency Level to Low and click Apply.
Now launch the application you want to block, and when you get the alert, click Block this request and make sure that you choose to remember the answer.

If you want to block more than one application, just launch each of them and respond in the same way to the alerts.

There’s another alternative, but it’s a bit harder though.

  1. Open up Comodo, click Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy.

  2. From here you’ll be able to add, remove or edit your rules. We want to add a new rule, so click Add in the menu to the right.

  3. Click Select next to Application Path and choose Browse.

  4. Browse to the location of the program you want to block, and choose the executable file you want to deny Internet access.

  5. Now click Add at the bottom, and create the following rule:
    Action: Block
    Protocol: IP
    Direction: In/Out

Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
IP Details/IP Protocol: Any

  1. Click Apply 3 times and you’re done!


Ragwing is right on (as per usual) - although, my preferred method is to just go into Firewall > Define A New Blocked Application > Select > Browse > C: Program Files > and then select the apps (usually .exe’s) from within their respective folders.

When I first installed CFP I did this right after my first boot and before I connected to the internet - never had a problem since.

Since then, when I install a new program that I don’t want talking to anyone, I pretty much follow Ragwings instructions.

Good luck to you (V)