How do I block certain ports?

I want to block few ports permanently. How can I do that?


Depends on the direction you want to block. If inbound and you’re using the internet security config then all ports are blocked. You would use the global rules section to create the blocking rule for the specified ports that you want to block.

OK, so I have Firewall set to Custom always, where I give apps permission to access net.

When I check sites online to see if ports are open, all ports show up as closed. I don’t know what is “internet security config” though.

I want to open certain ports for MP games.

For example, I created a Global rule for port 55682 where I Allowed > TCP or UDP > In or Out > Source & Destination port (Single).

But it still says that the port 55682 is closed. :frowning:

Edit the rule direction to In only and set the source port to any and keep the destination port to that single port. Make sure rule is above all other rules and do note that when you check the port it will report being closed unless an application is listening on that port.

OK thank you, I was able to unlock the ports in firewall and logged events showed “Allowed” when app access it, but I think my Router is blocking these ports now, because the ports are still shown blocked if I check for access.

Will have to reset router and see what I can do there.