How do I block an application from the web

I can block an application from accessing the web directly, however the application can still use DDE or similar methods to get to the web.

With ZoneAlarm you get asked about the application and you say block, then if you press say F1 for help in the aplication, Zone Alarm will then tell you that the application is calling Internet Explorer to get to the web and ask you if you want to block it. Answer yes and it’s all done.

I have spent hours trying to get vomodo to do the same with no result. I can block the application OK but if I press F1 off it goes to the web.

I tried blocking it from launching ie and at first I thought I had won, but that only worked if ie was not running. If there was a running instance, off it goes to the web.

How do you completely block an app from the web, without spending a lifetime looking at settings.


Hello, Welcome to the forums. Are you running CIS firewall in safe mode? Try switching to custom policy and try again.

Kyle, just a question, please. Even if you are in Safe Mode, can’t one define an application as a blocked item (under Firewall rules)? I saw the option, so I thought I’d ask.

On my machine it works (defining blocked application) Just thought this method might give him more pop-ups, for the one he’s looking for.