How do I block all web sites except for CNN?

I’d like to create an application rule for firefox that will block all web sites except for
I must be doing something wrong because when I setup the rules, it blocks all sites including CNN. Seems like it should be simple but I must be missing a step…

I think there are Two ways :
1] findout the IP ranges of CNN [ use domaintools or]
2] make a predefined policy , name it whatever you want
edit it : a] action allow; protocol IP,Direction :in/Out: description :whatever you want ;Source address: any ;destination address :CNN ip ranges , IP details : any
b] do the same for other ip ranges .
c] create one more rule in same predefined policy :
action :block; protocol IP,Direction :in/Out: description :Block and Log All Unmatching Requests ;Source address: any ;destination address :any , IP details : any
now apply this to firefox.exe
: Now how to prevent plug in container :
go to firewall remove all rules for Firefox and then add C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox* and add the predefined rule for this Done .
method 2] Install peerblock add all lists including country and others , block HTTP with peerblock
create a new .txt file for CNN ranges , add this to Peerblock as allowed list , DOne
[ peer-block can block most of world ]
but think you need to do some search on IP of CNN
like what if you want to watch embedded video or some thing ?
do this in method one , log the the blocked content , search the IP ranges and add them to allow in Comodo predefined policy .

good luck , it will take a little time

i forgot the image

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