How do I block a trusted program from going onto the internet?

I have a utilities program “TuneUp Utilities 2011” which tries to call home every time I connect to the internet and continues to make the internet speed slow. A few times it has completely blocked my computer. I have contacted the makers by email and they have told me that they are working on this problem “which involves only a small number of clients” (so they say) and will contact me when they have a fix for this.

I would like to know how I can block it from trying to get on the internet. I have allowed it free access to the computer, as it monitors the system to make it run faster and give better performance.

So far I have added it to the “Define a New Blocked Application” under the Summary tab, Firewall tab and Defense + tab

However it still contacts home and I can’t see which part of the program to block.

Thanks in advance.

Windows XP Pro SP3 Pent4 3.00 Ghz 512MB RAM, Comodo Firewall 5.3.181415.1237

Can you show a screenshot of the Firewall rule for TU U 2011? Look under Network Security Policy → Application Rules.

Thanks for the reply.
The attached is a screen shot of the “Firewall” “Network Security” “Application Rules”
I’m not sure if I’ve made a mistake but I expect I have.
If I have, could I be told what to block and where to block it?

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in firewall click “view active connections” and check which ones stablish when tuneup starts, that way you can see it.

After that, block the outgoing port which its used by that connection on global rules.

It looks like blocked anyways, are you sure its tuneup whats causing the slowdown?, it could have cached what he usually tries to get home (update avaiable and such) and its other software

First of all let me say sorry for not replying before now.

Could somebody give me step by step instructions on how to block it. This doesn’t connect all the time but at different time intervals. Even though I have “Blocked” it, I think. It still connects, obviously I’m doing something wrong or maybe not wrong but something is overlooked.

Thanks in advance

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums English68! :slight_smile:

CIS → firewall → Define a new blocked application → Select → Browse/Running processes

Will this help?

Valentin N

I have already done this but in all honesty I only blocked some of the "exe"s which had update in them. Despite this it still connects to the net. As I’ve already said, this only connects at random intervals so I can’t see when it’s connecting.
Now I have blocked every " exe " in the programs folder with the hope that this helps.

Thanks for the help so far and any other suggestions.

do you know the ip address? if you do add it Blocked Zones. Could also try to put the firewall on Custom Policy

Valentin N

Try disabling the automatic update of Tune Up Utilities its self.