How do I block a connection to an IP?

I used to use Comodo years ago to prevent my computers from connecting to various IP addresses. It was very simple to set up, I’d just enter the IP address and choose whether to allow or disallow the computer to connect to it. I haven’t used Comodo in over three years so I installed it today, and to my disappointment it’s not easy to set it up, nor is there any direction on how to do it. Is it even possible with Comodo or am I better off paying for a firewall that allows this?

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There are various ways to do this and depending on your specific requirements, one may be better than another. One way is to use Blocked zones. Whilst the mechanics are the same between versions, the location of the feature differs:

Version 6 - Blocked Zones
Version 5 - Blocked Zones

Thanks man. I appreciate it. I’m curious though, how would I use the zones? Is that anything like home, work or public zones, or are those completely different? I’m using the firewall mainly to block access to adult related material so a friend’s young children can’t access it. Does Comodo support keyword blocking that would return a 404 page or an internal page, or do I have to use something else for that? The setup is just a linksys router and using Avast!.


Unfortunately, it’s not that sophisticated. The blocked zones feature simply allows you to define IP addresses or domain names that you’d like to block. If you want more than that, you’d be better off using one of the many dedicated applications available - some are freeware. You could also make use of the features than most browsers support, either inherently or through the addition of an extension.