How do I backup my complete CD profile settings etc etc

G’day all,

This is my very first time using Comodo Dragon and how do I backup my complete profile settings for example like MozBackup while I’m still using firefox.

If I understand you, you can do it like this:
You must have Google account then go to Option and find Synchronize. Then press it to synchronize your Google account.
Now every time you install the Dragon, go to Synchronize and you will have your Dragon looks like just as it was at the time of synchronization!

Hope that I help


I’ve already try this and it doesn’t work very well with Comodo Dragon Browser, this can only work with Google Browser.

Thank for help.

Its works for me and if it works for me then it must work for you too!!! Just like in Google Chrome!

All you need to do to is make an occasional backup of this directory either manually or with a backup utility:

c:\Documents and Settings<Your User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\

It contains all of your settings, sessions, bookmarks, cookies, history, tabs, extensions etc. If you reinstall; simply copy it back over. If you install it on another computer; copy the backup to this location and everything is as it was at the time of the backup.