How do I back up My address book

The only options I can find is to back up My Documents and My In Box
Is it possible to back up other folders such as My Address Book?
I am using the Free Version, perhaps this is why!

Hi bumpyneck

I moved your post to the help section of Backup.

I think that I can help you out here. When you create a new backup job, click on the source tab and click the “add item” button. Then choose “add folder”. At the top of the box that open you will see “source folder”. At the right side of that box you can click on the little folder and it will allow you then to find any folder that you wish to backup. You can add as many folders as you wish to the backup this way.

If you are using XP you will find your address book at Documents and settings'user’\ application data\microsoft. I am not sure where it is in Vista but you could find it by doing a search for “address book”.

Hope this has helped you, let us know.


Thanks thats just what I wanted.
By the way,as it was moved Did I post in the wrong place?

Glad you got everything working. You posted under FAQ so I moved it to HELP.