How do I allow my ISP (AOL) access?

Hi ya,

I’m not sure I’ve framed this question correctly, but I’ve recently installed Comodo on my back-up computer (after my main one died) and need some help.

My ISP is AOL, but I haven’t installed any AOL software on this back-up - I just connect to the internet via a ‘network connection’.

When I look at Blocked Firewall Events, some of the pings (or whatever they are) come from Carphone Warehouse (CPW), who now own AOL.

I sorta feel I should allow all access from the CPW from addresses shown in their WHOIS range, but don’t know if this is right, or how to go about it if it is.

Could someone advise me, please?

John Latter / Jorolat

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I guess you need to specify your network connection. Is it dial-up or broadband (DSL or cable)? As far as I know, AOL is no longer a direct broadband provider

So I assume you are using some other ISP to provide broadband; you connect to the Internet using IE as your browser; and is your home page in IE?

Thanks for replying, Donz :slight_smile:

As I said, AOL (in the UK) have been taken over by Carphone Warehouse, but that changeover didn’t affect how I connect to the internet.

On my orignal PC, I had AOL software, but manually configured my connection.

On this back-up machine, I have no AOL software, but have manually configured my connection.

I’m using Firefox and my homepage is about:blank.

If its not clear, even though, “AOL is no longer a direct broadband provider”, there’s been no change in how I connect to the internet - I still specify, “” when I manually configure an internet connection, only now I get TCP thingies from IP addresses owned by Carphone Warehouse (instead of AOL).

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Can you post a screenshot of the Firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events.

On what type of connection are you? ADSL. cable or dial up? Do you use a router?

Hi Eric,

I’m on Adsl (broadband, not cable, anyway) and I don’t use a router.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the latest firewall events.

Thank you for taking an interest :slight_smile:

John Latter / Jorolat

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All of the request you see blocked are for port 445 which is Microsoft DS:

Microsoft-DS (Microsoft Directory Services) is a port used for file sharing. It was introduced with Windows 2000 and gives you the possibility to use SMB protocol (stands for Server Message Block, but is also known as Samba) directly over TCP-IP on port 445.

The IP addresses are from people all over the world among which Carphone users. The firewall righfully blocks here as you don’t intend share data with them. To look up IP addresses I always use Whois - IP Address - Domain Name Lookup .

Thank you for the info and Links, Eric :slight_smile:


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