How do I add my security programs to the Comodo safe list?

Hi all,
I was running v3.13.268 and found a link here on how I added BoClean, Avira, SpywareBlaster et al to the Comodo safe list. Yesterday however I found out about the new version 3.14.274 and decided against the patch and went for a clean uninstall / reinstall of the full version. Everything went fine and apart from having to uninstall / reinstall Comodo BoClean due to the excluder box freezing my PC when I went to add the new version it all works fine apart from multiple intrusion attempts which is being worked on another thread.

On v3.13.268 I came across a link here explaining how to add programs I deemed safe ala my security programs et al to the Comodo safe list and did this. Unfortunately I cannot remember the protocol to repeat this for version 3.14.274. I did a search and found nothing but it had something to do with browsing to the file and then clicking add.

I would appreciate it if someone could either point me to the thread involved or explain to me how I do this. Thanks in advance.


Open CFP, go to Defense±>Common Tasks->My Own Safe Files. Now click Add to the right and choose Browse Files… Now browse to the location of your security programs executable (for example; spywareblaster.exe) or the whole folder and clcik → so it gets moved to selected items. Check Include files from subfolders too if you want, and then click Apply. Repeat this for all your security softwares.
Now you’re done!


Thank you Ragwing.

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