How Do I Add digital Signature?

How do I add a digital signature to fax? ???

TrustFax provides you the possibility not to waste time printing, signing and feeding the fax machine whenever you need to sign a faxed document. TrustFax’s new Digitized Signatures lets you quickly stamp your personal, handwritten signature to any outgoing fax or document you send.

The Trustfax user Guide explains how to use the digitized signature. It includes the manner to create an image of a digitized signature and how to apply it to a document/fax in trustfax.
Go to this link to see how it is done:
Digitized Signature:

The complete User Guide:

Are you aware that there are problems with the Digitized Signature interface? It doesn’t allow me to re-size the popup browser box in the image manipulation window (where we move the signature to the right spot), so it’s very difficult to work with. We should be able to maximize this window.

Also, the PDF that is created with the signature actually shows the signature about twice as big (in both height and width) as the previous image manipulation window when you Save to make the PDF. In order to use the feature, I have to make the signature box about half as big as I want it to appear on the final PDF. It’s a guessing game and needs definite improvement.

Is this a bug that you are working on fixing? It’s a problem with both Vista x32 and XP, Firefox and IE (two different computers, both browsers on each).

I imagine that someone else must have noticed it and maybe you’re working on fixing it? If not, could you put in a ticket to support to fix it? Thanks a lot.

The issues mentioned have already been reported to the product and dev teams. Your comments will be added to the application issues.