How do I add Comodo firewall to start-up menu

Dear sir
I am using HP Computer with Windows XP Home edition SP2.
I have installed Comodo Firewall Version
The program is not added to my statrt-up menu.
I have to manually start the application, after logging in, from task bar.
Request a method to add the application to start-up so that it starts automatically when i log in.


CPF is supposted to add itself to the start menu and autostart.
Is cmdagent.exe running?
Else you could try reinstalling, as it seems something went wrong.

Now msconfig really is bad, since you can’t add items, only enable/disable.
Therefore, right-click start menu and choose ‘Open shared start menu’, in the window, click ‘Program(s)’.
Now create a new folder and name it Comodo (Firewall), and copy cpf.exe from where you installed CPF, rename it to Comodo Personal Firewall, or something.
Then add cpf.exe to the ‘Autostart’-folder.
If you got Spybot, then use it to add cpf.exe to start on boot.


Perhaps the trusty ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** link will do? (I should really save this post as a template lol)

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