How do I access a file saved by a sandboxed program?

If I remove the program from the sandbox, will the files I previously saved while it was in the sandbox also be out of the sandbox? Or will they get deleted?

They will not be removed from the sandbox or deleted.

The file is in C:\vritualroot<app name>\harddiskvolume<data path minus C:>. You will need to set windows explorer folder options to reveal hidden and system folders. Spelling of ‘vritual’ is intentional

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Check please the “My pending files” and move the application that you used to create image to the “My own safe files”.
The image you have created should be saved in C: \ Sandbox
If a program runs in the Sandbox, all files created by it will be further sandboxed.

I guess that it should be in C:\VritualRoot (it’s hidden by default).

I think Burebista is right. Please check as well what burebista suggested.

Thanks. I found the files there, and was able to move them out to a normal folder.