How did you know about Comodo?

Just wondering how members first encountered Comodo? Myself i saw a magazine in a supermarket which disaplayed Comodo FW better than paid ones! I only ask this question because everyone who i talk to dismisses comodo products (especially the i know it all types)! Must say though i use crawler toolbar with WGS instead of VE which on my system only ever goes green to say google search engine fine but sites like paypal is a rare occurrence. Stuart

I found Comodo while looking for information on email certificates. Windows provided a list of possible sources for such certs, and Comodo was at the top of the list. Once I went to their site, I found they had all sorts of other stuff… And now they have much much more than then!


PS: Crawler toolbar’s definitions seem to be based on user-feedback (which is questionable at best); VE’s methodology is based on the registered ownership of a site, and the certificate used to encrypt it (for secure sites) - much harder to spoof than user opinion. :slight_smile: There are other anti-phishing tools out there as well, that work in different ways.

My first encounter was when I was searching for the “best firewall” on Google. None other 8). At that time I wasn’t interested in it due to reports/reviews of it slowing down the PC. Obviously, that was when it was still young.

I heard about Comodo shortly after the Sygate buyout by Symantec, was looking for a replacement firewall and have been using Comodo since version 1.0 :slight_smile:

I needed a firewall as I was sick and tired of bloated *A. I think I tried every free one there was to try. I wanted one that I could trust and one that was easy to use and easy to configure. The first time I tried CPF I was not impressed with the popups. They wouldn’t seem to stop even though the firewall was effective. I uninstalled it and continued my search ending up with Comodo again. There was a new version by this time so I installed with all defaults and it amazed me. I have kept it ever since and have recommended it to others as well. I’m not about to switch now.


My H/W firewall cooked itself and needed a quick and dirty replacement. I started my going through the security forums and other FW maunfacturers forums, looking for general opinions. I noticed a reasonable amount of Comodo bashing going on and figured “methinks they doth protest too much” and had better have a closer look at what they were complaining about.

Glad I did - it’s been a hoot!

Ewen :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about the “I know it all types”, anyone that knows anything knows how much they don’t know (Wow, that was complicated).

No one in the world knows everything about computers.

Some people have incredibly bad luck with certain software, they then post that the software is terrible etc…

I encountered the Comodo Firewall while doing my usual cruising of the IT security forums.

Totally agree ‘about know it alls’! I know next to nothing about pc’s but i know comodo has been far better than norton FW & AV in my experience! To the know it alls of this world at least try then gripe if you must. Stuart

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anyway, i was looking for firewall software at google, and click on the big “FREE FIREWALL”. the word FREE is magic ;D

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No probs. It was a stupid title after all! Stuart

I’m a former user of ZA ISS, but it crashed, so I had to find an alternative.
I went to and looked around for firewalls, and came across CPF.
So I looked for reviews on Google and most of them said it was good, so I thought I’d try it.


I was looking for security software that would be free for a small enterprise to use. Found Comodo Firewall first and then tried CAVS.


actually this would be a great poll to see how people find out about comodo.
can we pls spread this poll to everyone :slight_smile:

thank you

Found the firewall on some website. Unfortunately I’ve forgot exactly how it began for me. It’s actually quite sad since Comodo Firewall Pro is one of the main reasons that keeps me from switching to anything else than Windows XP - thus Comodo has come to mean very, very much to me!



Found the firewall on Google :slight_smile:

I was looking for info on email certificates. Windows Help gave a list of sources; Comodo was at the top. At first I ignored it, since I’d never heard the name before, then I finally clicked on it and found out they had free firewall for home or professional use, free antivirus for home or professional use, and so on…


Found you guys on Audit My PC. And SOOOO glad I did, I’ve received wonderful help in here (notably Toggie).

I love the fact that Comodo gives me alot of control over what enters/exits my computer. I recommend CPF to anyone I can.