How did Comodo get my e-mail address?

On the 22nd of April I received an e-mail from Comodo, you can check the attachment to see the e-mail.

Even though I do use their firewall there is only one slight problem, I have never given my e-mail address to Comodo.
If the e-mail is from Comodo how did they get my e-mail address? Is their firewall sending out personal information from my computer to Comodo?

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s from Comodo @, but I believe that if it was from Comodo, it would use [at-bypass] or something…
And I also don’t see why Comodo would attach a .html file…


Firstly, none of Comodo’s products send any personal information to Comodo (including email addresses). But, the email address can be optionally supplied during CFP 3’s installation (which you obviously didn’t do).

I’m not sure about this particular email either… not seen it before. However, there is a way Comodo might have got your email address… if you ever ran the earlier CFP 2 versions that required activation. IIRC the activation code was sent by email. But, I did that… and I haven’t seen one these emails… checks spam filter because of non-Comodo addy… nope I don’t have one.

I also received the same mail. On the 17th of April.
Have you tried the threatcast beta version?
While installing it it needed my email. Maybe you had given it also just don’t remember.


Google revealed a Japanese site which distinguishes between the fake and true Comodo logos. Just the fact that there’s no TM should be self-explanatory…

Good catch Soya. :-TU

so it’s fake?
i got that email too on march’1.
if it’s fake, why it offered same product as comodo’s? ???

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It could be spam…but why only comodo users received it?
Nobody in my vicinity was sent this.

I trust Comodo enough to know (at least think) they would not “steal” your email address. It would be the end of their business if they did do that.

This is just one of the tricks spammers use to make their spam look genuine. If they send out millions of spam emails regarding a\any product, they are bound to reach a certain number of actual users of that product. And a small number of those people will fall for this trick and pay for a “service”, buy a “product” or whatever is being offered.

Why don’t you check here and see where the email was sent from?;jsessionid=KMJLFGMBAOLM

It looks like this is

Depending on your email client, if a spam email is HTML, it can easily have elements that allow some remote server to identify your existence when you open it. This usually takes the form of some sort of unique identifier on a remote server image. This tracking image might not actually be physically visible… a transparent 1x1 image, called a bug, is often used.

If someone still has the email & can view/export the source, email it to me (zipped) & I’ll take a look at it. Include all the headers if you can. My email address is on the left of this post


its legit guys
we use these guys to handle our emails…
the way we could have your email is only and only if you have opted in at some stage to us.
it could be during firewall install you might have given us your email etc etc. or free email cert etc…

if you don’t want to receive any info then u can simply unsubscribe.

we do have a optin process and we don’t send emails unless its opted in…


Why is there no trademark in the logo ???

dunno… i will inform marketing guys…


Hi guys,

This horse has probably been beaten enough already, but I thought it was strange that the Comodo Forum had my e-mail address already. I put “e-mail” in the search window and found this topic.

I installed the Comodo program with only the firewall, not the antivirus, and without and the other opt in stuff. I really don’t recall giving an e-mail address. I could be wrong.

When I signed up for this board and it asked for my e-mail address, I had only put in the first letter when a drop down menu appeared with my full e-mail address for me to select. I thought it was strange as paranoid as I am, but figured that maybe I put it in when I installed the firewall and forgot about it but I doubt it.

Any thoughts?

Yes, Mindy26 you’re paranoid. :wink: It’s your web browser that is doing that. It’s remembering what you have previously typed into a web field (probably named Email Address or something like that) at some other web site.