how di get dns to accept a trusted website?

Sonething odd has happenend to my PC.
I regularly download podcasts off the BBc website directly to PC to play later. But DNS is blocking this. If I press the disregard button, it doesnt do anything but times out.
How can I get past this so that I can get to my podcasts. The BBC site is fine and trusted surely?
Is there anything that I can do in settings or somewhere to register the Trusted websites and make DNS accept them.
Or do I have to switch it off- and how would I do this! Thanks
Help would be nice>
very grateful

But DNS is blocking this.
are you sure of that ?

are you on comodo dns ?
bbc sometimes blocks from users/countries (censured - intellectual property) _ have you try a vpn ? a browser add-on ? vlc ?
you can allow that in different manners( with rules, with site web filter …)
sometimes bbc or download are allowed for few hours or few Go per day_depending on your country i suppose

You can change your DNS servers and see what happens following this tutorial: Secure DNS for Windows Vista, DNS Setup Instructions - Comodo .

Instead of the Comodo DNS servers you can fill in the DNS addresses of another service or when setting “Obtain DNS server address automatically” use those of your ISP.

After changing the DNS servers restart your browser and clear DNS cache.