How could the disabled cloud still find safe files?

I removed the checkmarks for “Cloud lookup” and “Send to cloud”.
From time to time i get new entries in the log section for the cloud which says:
“2” safe files found.
“0” files submitted.

That looks as if the “Lookup” is still running?


TVL would not make sense.
There still isnt a safe file found by the cloud then.
The file was digital signed.
While the cloud determines if a file is safe or malware.
Thats totally different.

If you have a signed malware, and the log would say: “Cloud found a safe file”… It would be Untrue, and the cloud would actually say something else if it was actually involved!

Can you show a screenshot of the notifications.

Its in “View logs”.
There is on the right side a section for cloud.

Good files detected__________ 2
Bad files detected___________ 0
Submitted files______________ 0

Did the cloud look up show 2 good files detected before you disabled? May be it reports a cumulation over time?

I disabled it before i enabled the internet connection!

And i got new findings over time. In total around 6 i would say. I erased the log meanwhile to see new entries.
Currently it says 3.

If you disabled the two check boxes under File Rating Settings, see image, I would call that a bug and ask you to do the honourable thing.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I made the bug report.
But now
I will uninstall the new comodo.
Look, the traffic monitor was removed. But what did i find out when looking at it with killswitch? There is a process with no name, you cant close or look at it. It works with TCP 80 and 443. It connects to IPs of akamai, go daddy and google, and another hoster.
I did not make a rule for it. I disabled the permission of comodo to connect.

I disabled all traffic, still, bits are getting out.

The disabled cloud finds things.

And the traffic monitor is not obvious anymore.
Cmdupd is chatty too without reason.

That all gives a bad taste now.

A lot of potential though. Sad.