How could I reset the configuration and where is it stored.

Hi! (:NRD)

I had been testing this superb comodo firewall with the same test that matousec project.

I have two environments for my tests, a one virtual machine with windows vista sp1 32x dual core and a real windows vista sp1 64x quad core. Both with comodo firewall CFP

All work well but when I was testing the echotest2 in a level 6, this fail and the test in my vista 64x not pass but this if work in my vista 32x.

In my vista 32x if I run the test, I received two alert from comodo defense+alert. The first alert is for the cmd to run echotest2 and the second alert is for the access to protected interface \device\nsi. In others test the process is very similar, and the normal is in the second step your choice the action block for pass the test.

The matter is why suddenly in my vista 64x the comodo defese+alerts no work because neither of the two alert successes, also now with others test success the same.

The strangest is that test previously ran well. The unique solution that I have found is uninstalled it and again to install it.

My questions:

1º is this behaviour a bug?

2º where is store the defense+alert option for \device\nsi if I mark the option ‘remember my answer’? I searching in all options for advanced configuration and hasn’t it.

3º I think this option could be saved in windows registry. Where and how I could reset it?

4º if my two previous questions not are possible in the comodo firewall… Anyone know if exist a wish list about it?

I hope anyone know some answers for this…

Thanks in advance…