How could I do a Block all except...

I sort of want something like a block all except; comodo dragon,malwarebytes. I assume its something to do with rulesets but i don’t really understand them.

also which is better proactive or internet security in the configurations?

Do you want to block ALL communications to and from the internet except for ONLY Comodo Dragon and Malwarebytes? (That includes blocking all communication on the LAN too as well as Windows updates, CIS updates, updates for any other products etc)?

If so then you can try this but please first read the above and understand what it means:

  • Go to the Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Firewall > Firewall Settings

[li]Change first option to “Custom Ruleset”

  • Go to Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Firewall > Global Rules

[li]Create a new entry at the top with these settings:
[li]Action: Block

  • Protocol: IP
  • Direction: In or Out
  • Source Address: Any Address
  • Destination Address: Any Address
  • IP Details: Any
  • Go to Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Firewall > Application Rules

[li]Remove all rules

  • Right-click > Add > Browse > Find Comodo Dragon
    [li]Use Ruleset: Web Browser
  • Right-click > Add > Browser > Find Malwarebytes

[li]Use Ruleset: Outgoing Only

  • I’d recommend also adding “dragon_updater.exe” if you want to update Comodo Dragon.

Regarding “Proactive” and “Internet Security”, “Proactive” is better in the terms of protection and security however “Internet Security” may be easier to deal with since “Proactive” might cause more pop-ups.