How cool is Comodo?

Can we just take a moment to sit back and appreciate how cool Comodo (CIS in particular) has become.


  • Provides exploit protection to stop hacked safe applications from continuing to infect the rest of the system
  • Blocks or sandboxes unknown executables
  • Provides a kick ■■■ firewall
  • Provides an integrated Anti-Virus (alright it’s not the best but hey it’s still a final line of defense)
  • Oh yeah. It’s FREE!

I think the guys at Comodo work extremely hard, so I’d like to say thanks for your hard work, keep it up!

I honestly think overall, you make the best security product publicly available. :-TU

Hello ReeceN,
Thank you for your valuable feedback and trust :). @4th point we will concentrate on what are the best ways to integrate parts more stronger.

Very welcome!

You know, Comodo’s strengths as I see it are it’s software modules. Why not play to your strengths and use a 3rd party AV to handle AV scans?

So you can have the default deny protection Comodo is known for with the AV detection rates that some other AV are known for.

You may need to develop an API to allow both Valkyrie and said 3rd party scanner to work together and decide how conflicts are handled (possibly just go with Valkyrie human verdicts), but it would possibly strengthen the AV module.

Just an idea.