how configure for access by Iphone Remote application?

Hi – Can anyone explain how I configure CFP to allow inbound access by the Remote application from the Itunes app store? It’s not resident on my PC so I can’t see a way to define it as a trusted app. Am running Win XP.

Hmmm. I think there must be an app that it connects to…

I had the same issue where it would just time-out every time it tried to search for my shared library. Since mine was working before I installedComodo, I did two things after installation to get it to work (using Remote 1.2.1 (11), iTunes 8.1, and Comodo 3.8.X.X):

  1. [Comodo] In “Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy”, make sure “<program files>\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” is set to “Allow All Requests”. You could be more specific, but so many Apple-related apps use this that I’m totally fine leaving it that way.

  2. [iPhone’s Remote] Select “Settings->Add Library” and re-add your library. It should now show up in the iTunes Device list, and you just need to add the 4-digit number to authorize it’s use. Be sure to delete the previous one.

That should be it, assuming it was working prior to installation of Comodo.