how comes it's that long when u reply to a D+ alert and others D+ probs

i have D+ installed on windows 7 ultimate 64bit,
and when i reply to a D+ popup and remember the answer, it takes likes 5 min or more to get the next D+ popup.
when i dont save the answer, the next popup comes very quick.
that’s so boring, i actually configurate the D+ on Win7 64 and i’m doing that for more than 30 min.
i’m fed up, how comes it’s that long when u save the answer and very fast when u dont ?
there’s nothing to do about that on next release ?
D+ is set into safe mode, image execution is set to aggressive and i added all the files that are on the list of files groups (it’s twelve groups i added).
do i have to set D+ another way to get it faster cause when it’s set this way, it’s not usable, imagine, u need 1 hour or so to configure your OS when u save your D+ popup answers.
comodo version is the actual one 3.12 build 560

Because for security, CIS recreates the entire database/D+ rules when you remember an answer.

Purging the database/rules may help:

Did you by any chance imported a previous configuration, or upgraded an older version?
Normally this is caused by a large registry set for CIS to write…

it’s from a new install, with the 12 files group added in the image execution control settings, with control level set to agressive.
maybe i should not add the 12 files groups ? or put the control level to normal ?

i just added the 7 comodo .exe in the trusted applications with KAV, maybe it can help.



my cis 3.12…560 didnt save my popup answers too on win7 x64

i receive many popups + save the answers but i receive this popups again and again with the exactly same question… cis didnt save my answers or only a few

proactive defence activated
fw: safe mode
d+: safe mode

btw: sry for bad english

Today I finnished a new HTPC in an Home-Network to a customer.
W7 was on that system, FRESH INSTALL.
Installed CIS in NORMAL conditions. Nothing that you said is happening there, both D+ at Proactive with all marked options OR Safe Mode.
Maybe some misconfiguration…

Image Execution at Normal with Executables group only lets you totally safe. Unless you want to see a lot of pop-ups from a bunch of dll’s…

Try a new Configuration, starting from scratch (Proactive).

Good luck.

edit: Windows Firewall AND Windows Defender are both disactivated, right?

that was not the problem i was talking about but yes i have the same problem as you,
the D+ is keeping on asking me about the same question even if i remember it or not.
and i have another problem with windows live messenger.
i reply at D+ to put WLMessenger in windows system application, so the app will be allowed to do things and work fine without any question normaly
but when i start WLM it crashes directly all the time.
i must put D+ in training mode and i added “display messages balloons” to see what D+ is learning.
so when D+ finished learning about WLM, then it works fine but if i set D+ in safe mode and launch WLM with “windows system application” rule, it always crashes.
i have the problem with others apps, so if i answer to the D+ alert to put a program i want to work with no prob, i should set it with the rule “windows system application”, but it doesnt work fine.
i always need to put D+ into training mode to let it learn all things about my progs installed and then i can put D+ into safe mode.
the problem is that it can take very long, cause progs never do all what they’re coded for at the same time, like updating, or use other options of the prog.
if i set a prog in a windows system app rule with D+, shouldnt the app do all that it wants to ?
it seems not cause progs that are ruled this way often work bad or crash.
the best way to use the D+ is set it in training mode (with balloons messages) and wait for it to learn all that is on your machine.

maybe your solution can help me, and yes all is desactivated into win7 64, the UAC, the FW, the win defender.
so i put the image execution in normal mode and i dont add all the group files but only the exe group files.
i’ll test that after my actual test of learning (with messages balloons) all that needs my machine then put it in D+ safe mode.

finally, i modified my settings about files group to check,
i just added executables file group but i deleted *.dll from this group.
now it’s working way better, comodo is not lagging for minutes and my machine is running fine.
i still set the image execussion control to aggressive.