How come Comodo Never really Updates?

I mean Comodo is really great and all, but if you look at AVG, there products have like 2 updates a day. I was just wondering because the last update to comodo was like a month ago.

it might not be the firewall being updated by the built in virus scanner in defence+. it might be getting out dated with the new virus’ that come all of the time.

im not trying to be rude, but just curious.

thanks for comodo!, Cold Achilles

Comodo is and foremost a Firewall with HIPS. Its is not a virus scanner or malware scanner. The scanner built into Comodo is a new feature and mainly used upon first installs to be sure your pc is clean. But do not rely on it. If you want a good spyware scanner use Spybot and SuperAntiSpyware. If you want a good anti virus use NOD32,Kaspersky,Avira AntiVir,Dr. Web. Good free anti viruses are AVG and Avast.

Comodo does have anti-virus and anti-malware software as well (CAVs and BOclean) that get updates more frequently (I’m assuming with CAVs, since I only ever used BOclean).

Hi Cold Achilles, Oriour was correct in stating that the firewall is primarily a firewall and HIPS for your computer. The scanner built into it was and still is primarily a dry run for the on demand scanner to be built into the third incarnation of Comodos Antivirus. As to whether it gets updated regularly I can only hazard a guess.

If you would like to try out Comodo Antivirus 2.xx beta you’re more than welcome to, just be aware it is beta and still has bugs in it. You can find it here:


Your assumption is correct. When I used CAVS 2 it often updated twice a day. :-TU