How come CIS isn't listed on Google's how to keep your computer safe page?

This is a page that Google promotes every now and then on their G+ page and else where:
It lists many of Comodo’s competitors, but not Comodo. Someone needs to contact Google to get CIS added, because Google is a big company with lots of influence so it would help spread the word. I think this would help spread the word more and hopefully put more confidence in people, because if they don’t see CIS listed there, then they may not think of it at all or may not trust it.

Hope this is helpful.

Yep! Could be a good idea!

Seems to have something to do with Comodo doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere and Google only lists vendors from that site.

Definitely a valid point. “You may also use the site to find other anti-virus software and review test results” - seems Google is relying on just ONE single site and test to make recommendations, when obviously Comodo is in other credible tests.

Norton is listed at but not at (2012, 2013).

Because Comodo made a partnership with Yahoo?

:wink: Maybe
Any way I don’t need Google to tell me which product is the strongest and free, we all know the answer ;D

Maybe it’s because Google doesn’t like what Comodo did with the Chrome browser in creating Dragon.