How can you "un-sandbox" programs as easy as possible?

Hope someone can help me with this.

Windows XP SP3 (CIS 4)
Running as Administrator

After installing CIS4, I cannot use Ccleaner (portable) to edit startup programs anymore
I also cannot start Revo uninstaller (portable) as it says I do not have administrator rights.

anyone has any idea why this is, and what I can do about it?


It’s due to the new sandbox features.

You can approach the following way - after each step, try if this was sufficient:
0. Answer in the sandbox alert, that the program shouldn’t be sandboxed anymore (didn’t work on my side for various programs, you probably did that if you’ve sandbox alerts turned on)

  1. Add the corresponding exe files to my own safe files (official hint on such problems)
  2. Disable the automatic sandboxing of unknown applications
  3. Disable the sandbox completely

Thanks, BigMike, for answering :slight_smile:

There are still some questions that remain. CIS suggested to sandbox a lot of programs on first start, among them the Asus Internet Console. (Which I btw am REALLY surprised that is not recognized - are there differences from machine to machine in these files??). That’s ok. To this, and to lots of other questions, I answered yes. It turns out that I shouldn’t have - that’s ok, that is a part of the process of me learning how the sandboxing works and which programs should be sandboxed or not.

Now, what REALLY surprises me is! Let’s say that I have sandboxed a program, and I would like to “un-sandbox it”: When I open CIS, go to Defense+ and the controls, I would expect to find the sandboxed programs there. But NOTHING. There might be something I haven’t thought about, but to me it seems like a gigantic flaw that I am not able to see the programs that CIS has sandboxed, and that I am not able to un-sandbox them from there. So far, my only solution has been to disable sandboxing alltogether and restart my system. No problems, but no sandboxing.

Is it just me that doesn’t see an easier way out, or is this system really so burdensome and complicated to use.

I feel your pain and, up until recently, had done precisely what you have done - disabled it. However, a little investigating and a very helpful post from another member (Mouse1 :-TU) showed me the way.

Open CIS, click on the DEFENSE+ button and then click on the MY PENDING FILES item. This will display a listing of all files that have been run as sandboxed (please don’t ask why it is here - just be glad it is somewhere ;)).Assuming that all sandboxed apps are legit, I select all, SUBMIT them and then move them to MY SAFE FILES.

This method seems to be working VERY well.

Let us know how or if this works for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ll check it tomorrow, when I get back to my computer!

Thanks, this seems to be the way! My TweetDeck wound up in the sandbox, so I just added it to my safe files. Not that I notice any difference with it in or out of the sandbox?

Panic. When using your method there is no need to restart the application that is sandboxed?

Pretty sure you need to restart the app after making it SAFE.

For what it’s worth, I just wrote of my own such experience with the sandbox function and explained there how I solved it at another location within this forum…:;msg376930#msg376930

I hope that helps some of you. 8)