How can you tell that a scheduled virus has ran?

Is there a certain area I have to go into in order to tell if a scheduled virus scan has run? If so, what is it?

Hi comfem76,

Welcome to the forums, At the moment there is no way to check this in the logging.

It’s been requested often on the Wishlist for CIS and i hope/expect it will show up on version 4.0 which has a beta release planning at the end of this year, as always with no guarantee it can always be later due to unforeseen circumstances…

Only trigger could be if it found something you should see detecion results in the AV logfile which you can find when you open the GUI and click on AV, “View antivirus events”.

One of the mods, Ganda?, came up with the solution to put an eicar test virus in one of the folders. This way an alert will be triggered and you will know the scan has been performed.

Hey, that’s a great idea! :-TU