How can you see what process uses most HDD active time?

In windows 8 \ 8.1 task manager and Win 7 resource manager, you can see your disk’s active time, meaning how busy they are (I think). So let’s say if you start a defrag, you’ll see that the disk that is being defraged’s active time is 99 - 100%, so logically defrag process is taking up most of disk’s active time, but where can you see that? In process explorer or hacker, I can see disk read\write rate, but no active time.

Disk active time is a combination of seek, latency, and read/write time. Of these only read/write can be assigned to a process because during seek and latency the process that issued the I/O is suspended. So you can’t see seek time and latency directly.

So then, how do you solve \ diagnose “Near 100% HDD active time, but little to no read \ write activity from the processes”?

Defrag the disk. Latency is a function of rotational speed so high activity and low read/write must be excessive seek time.

You can always go advance settings in CIS.

Click on “Watch Activity"aka comodo kill switch
Hover the mouse on the word “name” or “rating”
right click on it and click on “select columns”
Then Add or remove check marks under the tabs of “process performance”, process disk, or even process memory”
its very granular :slight_smile: