How can this be free?

I won’t mention names but I have paid for and use another program that shares the same engine as CTM.
CTM has modified the program to include several features that are sorely missed in this other program.
How is it that I can use CTM for free? What’s the catch?
This seems too good to be true.

hi Masterblaster :slight_smile:

you can read it here

Still seems to good to be true.
I just uninstalled my paid version on the the “RB” program and installed this.
The update feature and ability to defrag was too tempting.

Sounds like RR has something important that CTM does not (yet):
“We strongly recommend using Rollback’s built-in Drive Image utility. It’s fast, it understands Rollback Rx disk maps, it allows you to backup any snapshot and it’s free.”

Regarding defragmenting, RR support says: “Yes, you can defrag your drive after you install Rollback but you have to understand how Rollback works. . . .” Then, they suggest not to do it and point you to a white paper on defragmenting. (

CMT says the same thing and points you to the same support page (
So, there appears to be no difference between the two regarding defragmenting.

In some cases with Comodo products the original releases seem to be a bit buggy. I would probably wait a few weeks before migrating to CTM. By then any major bugs should be ironed out.