how can I use comodo virus scanner in winrar?

how can I use comodo virus scanner in winrar?

Point Winrar to cavscan.exe, and use the argument %1 to feed the filename to the scanner.


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is set so right?

See screen

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I think you made a typo in the argument. You typed %f instead of %1.

please excuse me, but I have to set it this way:
“%1” or %1

I think %1.

does not work one way ._.
“%f”, “%1”, %1, %f - no…

I have it set:
% 1

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Comodo will scan the winrar files when they are getting extracted.

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with % 1 is right.
it works.
comodo it scanned when extracting
I tested it

It’s entered by default (now, or then?? :)), when first-accessing the menu option:

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavscan.exe

WinRAR Help: “If you use only one antivirus, it is possible to skip the antivirus selection step by turning this option off” - possibly meaning that we can have a non-resident scanner, like ClamAV, that can be used here in the options; which is nice!..:slight_smile:

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