How can I use an alert to say "actually, I wanted that to run"?

I left a long program running, unfortunately it didn’t complete because comodo prevented it from calling a sister program. That’s fine (I’d rather be safe), but I’m looking at the alert, and I want to tell Comodo “next time, don’t alert me, just let it happen”. The only way I can see of doing this is to go into the Defense+ configuration, find the program in question, and then do the “add” procedure and browse to the sister program that it was trying to run… and that seems like an awful lot of work when all the required information is contained in the alert that it showed me in the first place… ???

Might sound usefull.
But it teaches people, it would be ok to install things without having an eye on it.
Anyway, it would be usefull only, if it failed once allready. And you still dont know if theres another question later :wink: .
When you are sure after such a first fail, that you would be ok with what happened, you could start the installation with “treat it as installer or updater” (dont remember my answer). Then you dont get asked again for it.

Rule of thumb:
When its you who installs something, you should have an eye on it :slight_smile:

Edit: Which program? I spoke in general about installations.

Thank you for answering. This is a program that uses GPL software to build and write a DVD. To comply with the licence, they keep the open source software separate. So I leave my movies converting (hour long process) and the program creates a script file to run the menu creation part. When the conversion is finished, the program tries to run the script file, but Comodo Defense+ asks me for permission to execute this script. Obviously I’m not watching at this point, so it times out, and the menu is not created.

Some time later, I come back to my computer, to find an error message, and an alert in Comodo. I don’t mind that I have to run this hours-long program again… safety does not come free! But I want to select this alert in Defense+, which contains details of what went wrong, and say to Defense+ that the next time this happens, I want it to actually create my menu :slight_smile:

You can say that if I’m installing a program, then I should be watching it… but generally I don’t watch movie conversions that take an hour or more… LOL

Its a special case.
If i would be in that situation, i would convert a small movie, and look what is needed.

The impression, an “allow that next time” check box would be usefull, is not taking in account that, as the program got “interrupted” from doing something not yet allowed, the procedure was stopped. So the following questions wouldnt be able to be fired. The HIPS would have to emulate the following steps to generate all the questions.
In other words, you could check “that possible box”, but next time, the program would stop at the next following question anyway.
This is a host intrusion protection at work :smiley:

You can make a generalized rule for those scripts, in the rule for the converter program (Section, start applications). You can work with * if the scripts names or pathes are changing to a degree.

Doing a dry run with a small file is a smart idea, actually - kudos!

But I still think you should be able to craft a rule out of an alert ;D

This would require the alert windows to stay longer than minutes (if you are away).
But if the alert windows stay for longer than minutes, freezes which could be caused by them in other situations (ingame for example) would be staying that long too.

I think, dont mess up something for trying to include too much special cases by default.

Your idea with more settings in an alert window (for those who dont get lost with the given ones :wink: ) is on the other hand a good idea.
Meanwhile you could use your own predefined rules to achieve a similar effect. These rules would be selectable in the scroll bar of the question windows.

In fact you can do part of what you want. Go to Defense plus events and right click on the event which records the original alert. You get the option of adding it to Trusted files. Would be good if there was a simple allow option as well, I agree.

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Are trusted files allowed to start other programs?
At least the predefined policy for trusted programs does not contain a checkmark for starting other applications.

Typo :smiley:

Trusted files can start other trusted files. So this provides the solution in some instances, but perhaps not in his. A partial solution as I said :slight_smile:

There’s a more convemient, though less secure solution at point D in this FAQ: here.

Thanks everyone: @clockwork - I meant from the alert when listed in the Defense+ events log. I accept that the alert popup has to time out.

@mouse1 - yes you can indeed add the file to trusted files, I missed that. Perhaps I clicked on the wrong part of the line… it only works if you click on the line within the “application” column. … and I do think that in addition, there should be an option, right there, for an event that timed out, to say “let it happen next time” :wink:

Agreed, why not add to the wish list if not there already?

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I can’t find a wishlist if I search the forum site
I can’t find a wishlist if I search the main product site
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I can’t find a wishlist if I scan through the main site map
I can’t find a wishlist if I scan the forum topics - do you mean the section “Please Tell Us Your Views and Vote Here!”?
I can’t find a wishlist if I check out the sales page for the Internet Security product suite

Basically, posting here was my contribution to improving Comodo; I phrased it as a question in case I’d missed something (happened before).

Sorry should have posted link it is here.

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Thank you! That is very strange, I did not imagine it, look:

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Yep forum search is strange, when I searched I got it. Tomorrow maybe not :slight_smile:

That’s why I normally post links…

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