How can I update Comodo while keeping current settings?

This is one thing that drives me really mad:

Whenever I update Comodo, it discards all my settings, it renames them (i.e. to “Comodo - Firewall Security”), deactivates it, and activates new default setings. Apart from this, it also changes other settings i.e. shows desktop widget (although I deactivated this previously), starts looking for new networks, etc.

It always creates complete mess with my configuration! I have to re-activate old settings and do a lot of other tweaks and I’m honestly fed up with it. Don’t you think it would be nice to offer options “keep current settings” during update/installation? At least for minor-version changes (i.e.>…

Keep a backup of your current config by using export, then after an update import your config and activate it.

I do this, but it is far from being perfect. I see two big problems with it:

  1. for a few minutes before I switch/update configuration my firewall is runnign in “crazy” mode, bothering me with messages, discovering networks, asking to permit/deny new traffic, etc. Appart from being quite disturbing I see it also as a big security-related problem.

  2. not all settings are saved when you export Internet/Proactive/Firewall security! There is still a lot to do after you import the old settings (i.e. I had “advanced view” active and that annoying widget away from my desktop; why do I have to set it again when it was already before update?).

Similar for installation: it does not respect changes I made previously. I’m really suprisised Comodo can not handle this update/upgrade-process in a more user-friendly way. Or maybe does not want?

Have you tried updating from within CIS rather than simply installing an updated version on top of the already installed software?
I have done both, and can assure you, if you updated from within CIS, your settings would remain the same.

Great way of updating, if you have one or two boxes to update.
But with 30-40 boxes one might want to save downloading the same update many times…