How can I update CD with preserved user data?

I’ve been using Dragon version 31.1 (portable) and decided to try (also portable) After taking an image copy of the system, I tried installing over 31.1 hoping it would keep my user data. But it didn’t. My extensions and settings were gone and I got Yahoo! as a home page…

So, can I simply save the Dragon\UserData directory from 31.1 and then copy it to a new (clean) installation, or do I have to do it all from scratch? Or is there an ‘export-import user data’ trick I’ve missed?

My apologies if there’s a post that explains all this but I couldn’t find one!

If you sign in [Settings → Sign in to Comodo Dragon]

All your data would be save online by google!
And when you re install and then sign in (CD), all your settings will be set like before!

CD Sync Settings

or try this, (I don’t know if it works):

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Many thanks for your feedback, bluery. Much appreciated!

I don’t have a Google account and would prefer to work without one, but I’ll probably have to capitulate some time! I tried the Parhelia Tools backup program but it only seems to work with Chrome (or, according to their website, with Chromium - presumably vanilla Chromium). It expects Chrome’s path to the profile and doesn’t provide a way to specify an alternative. However, I suspect that “all” it does is to back up an existing …\User Data directory and restore it, but in a simple-to-use manner.

I tried just installing portable over the existing portable, but that overwrites the user profile too.

So, I’ve decided to try the “installed” version of Dragon which can do an update over an existing installation while retaining the user profile, plus that it officially gives the choice of retaining it when uninstalling. The only real reason I chose the portable version is that uninstallers tend to leave stuff, especially in the registry.