How can I undo the "Don't show these alerts" on auto sandbox?

I do want things to be auto sandboxed, but I also want to be able to override this behavior. How can I achieve this? I would love to uncheck the box that I accidentally hit (and BTW, the notification promptly disappeared, so I couldn’t uncheck it!)

I just want to get that option back “Don’t isolate it again” but now that I have hit that checkbox, I don’t know how to make the alert come up to uncheck it.

I have been throughout all the settings, and the only thing I have found to make my program work is to disable the auto-sandbox feature. Boo.

The thing I’m trying to do is open a tiff file with GIMP Portable. That is what triggered the original notification thing that I clicked the check box on by accident. Why did it disappear immediately?

The main program:

The part that is blocked from working:

Tries that failed:
– I set the main program as “Allowed Application”
– I deleted the program from the HIPS Rules window

I simply cannot find the setting which will uncheck that box I checked. …

Any clue is very welcome!!

Comodo Internet Security Premium 7.0.317799.4142


Try selecting tasks → advanced tasks → open advanced settings → make sure “show notification messages” is checked

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Yep, found that, and it was indeed still checked. This seems to have no effect on my issue.

Unchecking it will suppress all sorts of other notifications. With it checked I do still get notifications, but not for auto-sandboxing. I think I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall. I have been through every single part and sub-part of every single setting and cannot find it still.

Very Disappointing.

Thank you for your reply though. It did take me a while to even find that setting. (Again, it was still checked when I found it).