how can i unblock farmville which i blocked a few months ago. please help.


Welcome, are you on a mobile? Small screen? You’re typing into the “Subject” field.
What do you mean unblock farmville? Blocked in what? Ta. :slight_smile:

Farmville is some facebook junk application. I’ve seen my girl play it.
This is how it looks:

The only good part with it is that you can leave little “notes” in others “farm”… Like if you know a hot girl that is playing it you can leave a note: “hey hot girl whatz up?”.

But its really a useless game… (unless you use it to talk with girls)…

How did you block the game mikey2416? Try using google and don’t be so lazy. Here is a link I found for you that might help: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos I hope it can help… But if not google: “unblock Farmville” and maybe a answer will pop up right in front of you! Good luck.